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Friday, March 27, 2009

142nd AWS Annual International and 40th CWA National Exhibition

A Tangled Place 14 x 14 the 142nd American Watercolor Society International Exhibition
Valley Vertigo 21 x 14 40th California Watercolor Association National Exhibition

The 142nd American Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibtion opens in four days at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan. Across the country, here in San Francisco at the Presidio, the California Watercolor Association 40th National Exhibition is installed now. I am thrilled to be an exhibitor in both. Why go to all the expense of entering and shipping these paintings?
I was listening to Chuck Close on NPR the other night and he articulated it very well. Art that has lasting value is usually that which is well-regarded by other professional artists. My goal is to create something original of lasting importance, that shows I have something unique to say about my subjects. The jurors in the exhibits are professionals and their acceptance of works gives me some validation and important motivation to get out there and paint .
The AWS exhibit is a first acceptance. The California Watercolor Association makes the fourth acceptance out of the last five. So I am trying to develope a track record of national recognition that hopefully collectors and galleries will notice (I also have one NWS National under my belt, so that makes a grand total of six national acceptances )

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two New Mount Diablo Paintings

Twisted Mountain(Mt Diablo) 14 x 21 watercolor Mount Diablo from Lafayette
Magee Ranch Tapestry(Mt Diablo) 14 x 21 watercolor Mount Diablo from the Magee Ranch Subdivision
This winter's drought yielded some paintings that look more like summer! These were painted in January before the rains. The cold air was clear, so the shapes on the mountain have a certain crispness I enjoy. Both were started outside and finished in the studio where I saturate the colors.

Twisted Mountain: SOLD Fairmont Gallery , Sonoma. Magee Ranch Tapestry:SOLD Portnoy Galleries, Carmel

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exhibit at Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers until May 12

September in Sunol, watercolor 14 x 21
I just returned from installing a two person exhibit"Two Plein Air Colorists" at the gorgeous Thomas Moser showroom in San Francisco. The furniture has a wonderful aesthetic. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to feel. Thomas Moser has a tradition and commitment to showing the work of local plein air painters.
My partner in this exhibit is Mary Lou Correia. A versatile artist who works well in both oil and pastel. She and I have painted together several times and it is always interesting to see her vision. Our work complements each other's very well since I paint watercolors that can look more like oils than watercolors.
The showroom is located at 3395 Sacramento Street in the Laurel Heights district of San Francisco. (At the corner of Sacramento and Walnut) Open Mon thru Sat 10 to 6 and Sun 11 to 4.