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Slopes of Ceanothus

Slopes of Ceanothus , 12 x 12,  plein air watercolor.  

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Lunar Codex to launch with “Flyover Canyons of Mars”


It’s exciting that my painting “Flyover Canyons of Mars” has been curated in a lunar capsule as part of the Lunar Codex project. Congrats to all my fellow CAC artists who are part of this historic exhibition. 

Codex Nova - scheduled to launch February 14th via the @spacex Falcon 9 and expected to land on the lunar south pole February 21 along with Galactic Legacy Labs and the @nasa CLPS TO2-IM Lander. The launch will be livestreamed via NASA Launch Watch.

The second capsule - Codex Polaris - with my art will launch in November 2024.

“Flyover Canyons of Mars” was inspired by thinking of how the dust in the Martian atmosphere would lend itself to beautiful hazy light effects that are the perfect subject matter for watercolor.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

California Art Club “Signs of Spring”

 I am so happy to share that my painting, “Coastal Canyon”12 x 12 watercolor)will be part of The Signs of Spring virtual exhibition with the California Art Club. The exhibition is online March 20-June 20. Visit the California Art Club website for more information on how to see all of the accepted work and make a purchase.