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"Santa Monica Mountains" Accepted into Southern California Inspirations .NWS Oceanside Museum of Art

Santa Monica Mountains 14 x 21 watercolor on paper Honored to be selected for this exhibit. National Watercolor Society:  Southern...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Two new Mount Diablo Paintings

Just Below Junction 21 x 21

Summit From Curry Point November 21 x 21

I've had these in the studio for months.
Started them both last fall trying to paint the beauty of the dusty colors of the drought.
 The reds of the California holly were fun to see in the chaparral. In fact the native plants didn't look that different from the usual fall colors, but the grasses were very dried out.
These were both painted on Southgate Road at Curry Point and just below the long straight hill near Junction.
 I can tell you there were a lot of hikers on the Summit trail which was good to see, but far too many cyclists speeding down that hill.

Curry Point Spring and Curry Point Calm, what a difference a season of rain makes

Curry Point Spring 12 x 22

Curry Point Calm 12 x 22

Same location, six month's apart. Both times I wanted to see the snow on the Sierras, both times there was too much moisture in the air, but it was still very satisfying to paint the changes as this winter's rains brought an end to the drought scenes on  Mount Diablo.

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Blue Ridge" juried into Watercolor USA 2016, Springfield Art Museum

Blue Ridge 21 x 21

"Blue Ridge" will be exhibited in the Watercolor USA  2016 Exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum.

This is the 55th National Annual Exhibition. It was organized in 1962 by the Springfield Art Museum. This event's goal is to attract the best in in contemporary American Watermedia and strive to exhibit work by artists who push the boundaries of the medium.

The judge is Lynne Warren ,Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.
Opening June 3 5:30 to 7:30

June 4 to August 28

I picked this one to enter because it was very windy on Mt Diablo and this painting took all of my ingenuity to get it painted at this size, since the painting board acted like a sail.
I felt I pushed the boundary of what size painting I can comfortably paint outdoors. This is the first of a series of plein air watercolors this large.

Here are some photos in the frame for scale.

Thank you to Springfield Art Museum for these photos of the exhibit.
I wish I could have gone to the reception.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Kern County Plein Air Invitational and Exhibit

The Kern County Plein Air Invitational was last week but the paintings are still on site for viewing at the Access Center Gallery, 1330 Truxton Avenue , Bakersfield.

The paintings will be on display from April 18 to May 27.

Here are a few of mine and the installation at the Bakersfield Museum of Art from last weekend.

Tejon Ranch Spring 14 x 17

Hill at Tejon Ranch 12 x 12

Wednesday at Wind Wolves 12 x 16

Atmosphere 11 x 14

Bakersfield Museum of Art Exhibit