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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Two Paintings accepted into the California Art Club's 104th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition and Sale: After the Fire VI and By the Old Field

After the Fire VI 14 x 17

By the Old Field 16 x 20

I am very excited about this. I have now exhibited in five Gold Medal Exhibits in a row!
 This exhibit is juried by an expert panel of musuem professionals and Master Artists so it is very satisfying to  be accepted.
March 29th to April 19th 2015
USC Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles


Thursday, December 11, 2014

After the Fire VI accepted into the Sixth Annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition 2015 at the Fallbrook Art Center

After the Fire VI 16 x 20

Absolutely over the moon about this one. The juror for this is Stephen Quiller who I admire tremendously for his personal style and color in his wonderful landscape paintings.

Exhibit information:

6th Annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition
Opening Reception Feb 7th
Exhibit dates Feb 8 to March 22

Fallbrook Art Center
103 South Main St
Fallbrook CA

Presenting the 6th Annual Signature American Watercolor Exhibition, featuring works by Signature Members of U.S. watercolor / watermedia societies. Juried by noted watercolorist, Stephen Quiller, AWS-DF, NWS. Presented alongside renowned California-Syle regionalists. The best of old and new - this exhibition offers a rare chance to see current works by 88 of the nation’s top watercolor artists joined by renowned regionalists including Phil Dike, Emil Kosa, Jr, Millard Sheets and more.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After the Fire IV accepted into the 45th National Exhibition of the California Watercolor Association

After the Fire IV 16 x 20 Plein Air Watercolor

Thanks to juror Eric Wiegardt for selecting this painting for the 45th National Exhibition of the California Watercolor Association. This exhibit will be my first in 2015 and I am looking forward to attending the reception in nearby Pleasanton California on January 15th. There are 75 masterful watercolors in this exhibit and I am happy to be a part of it with one of my After the Fire Series Paintings.

California Watercolor Association
 45th National Exhibition
Harrington Gallery
Firehouse Arts Center
Pleasanton CA
January 15th to February 21st
Reception January 15th 6 to 8 pm

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After the Mount Diablo Fire Series IX and After the Fire X

              After the Fire IX 16 x 20

This is where a fire break was created that stopped the fire .
The burnt part of the slope on the left contrasts with the unburnt part on the lower right, the fire broke through at the far end. Getting closer to the trees and burnt areas required careful selection of what to leave out so that it doesn't look like a fall scene.
After the Fire X 14 x 14

This shows what the recovering chaparral looks like up close.
This was fun to paint because of the returning green contrasting with the copper colored bare soil.
 These plants clearly have root systems that survived the fire and will be recovering rapidly.

My blog just got the 200,000th visitor on November 19th 2014! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Bay Light", plein air watercolor 11 x 14

Bay Light 11 x 14. Plein Air Watercolor

This was painted on South Gate Rd on Mount Diablo, just down from junction. As I' ve been looking inland as I paint the After the Fire Series, when I turn to go home at about 4 pm and see this wonderful view of the late afternoon light reflecting off San Francisco Bay. It is interesting painting the late afternoon light as it changes quickly. Painted in about an hour.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Signature Artist Member of the Month, LPAPA


I was happy to be selected as a Signature Artist member of Laguna Plein Air Painters last year about this time.
 LPAPA just recognized me as the Signature Artist Member of the month for November.

When I moved to Northern California in the mid 90's, I fell in love with the plein air painters from Southern California both the turn of the century and the contemporary landscape painters doing wonderful work so this means a lot to me!

They selected a great assortment of my paintings to feature on the page that's linked above, please check it out and explore the wonderful programs LPAPA has for artists and collectors.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Vines, 14 x 14 Plein Air Watercolor

October Vines, 14 x14 Plein Air Watercolor

The old vines on Piner Road in Sonoma have so much character.
These vines were just starting to change color in early October.
This was painted the same day as Bob's GranFondo bicycle event and just before the Riverbend painting of the Russian River posted in the most recent blog entry.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Riverbend, 11 x 14 Plein Air Watercolor

"Riverbend" 11 x 14 , plein air watercolor painted near Duncan's Mills along the Russian River.

Bob did Levi's GranFondo bicycle event in October and I was lucky enough to go to Duncan's Mills to the Christopher Queen Galleries. Contemporary painters and wonderful watercolors upstairs by Percy Grey and Lorenzo Latimer were inspiration for this piece. It was sunny along the coast, our best weather in Northern California is September and October. It was a such  pleasure to see green trees and flowing water.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Artists accepted to the California Watercolor 45th National Exhibit

 CWA web site October 15th  Number 48!
Thanks to Juror Eric Wiegardt  for accepting my painting.
It's a great honor to be in this exhibit with such accomplished northern California Artists as Joe Santos,  Nt Near, David Broad, Jane Hoffstetter, Iretta Hunter, Charotte Huntley, Qian Gao, Sally Cataldo, Sal Valencia and Myrna Wacknov.

45th National Accepted Artists 2014

Artists & Images

1 Abraham, Patricia Hiding Places IV
2 Adkison, Melissa Fuschia 2
3 Arkhipau, Genady Wcop 85
4 Armitage, Ruth Beneath the Surface
5 Athanas, Denise Moonlight Nocturne III
6 Bailey,  Sally Bills Puzzled
7 Baker, Sally A Rose is a ...
8 Barron Leopardo, Joyce Turning the Corner
9 Becker, Marnie Silent Partner
10 Blake, Mary Sand Pond Ripples
11 Bortnick, Eugene Pike Place Musicians
12 Bowler, Pattie Silly Faces
13 Brayton, Francesca Crystal Cove Hill
14 Broad, David Monterey
15 Brown, Niz Peaches and Cream
16 Byrne, Kathy Glass Floats
17 Caldwell, Nancy Monarch Madness
18 Cataldo, Sally Stillife and Landscape
19 Chang, Angela Wiredsouth Gate Market
20 Cheney-Parr, Leslie Wepham 4 Crests
21 Crookston, Nancy Portrait of Margaret
22 Curiel, Taryn Walking Through the City
23 Daily-Birnbaum, Elaine Deliberations
24 Dixon, Colleen Hoop Dancer II
25 Erfle, linda Persimmons at Sunrise
26 Friedland, Michael San Rafael Victorian
27 Gao, Qian Florence Market
28 Garner, Steve The Element of Chance
29 Grinstead, John Just Picked
30 Grudsky, Dmitry Street Musician
31 Harper, Susan Hope
32 Hill, Marilyn I thought it would be different
33 Hofstetter, Jane Night Passage
34 Hu, Xiao Xing Looking Attentively
35 Hunter, Iretta Up Beat Blues
36 Huntley, Charlotte Zzzits
37 James, John Starting Anew
38 Katsenelson, Naum Foggy Morning
39 Kempe, Barbara Macawcophony
40 Kingdon, Ona Coded Thoughts
41 Matthews, Sue Sea Skyscrapers
42 McCormack, Geoffrey Fresh Frozen Pacific
43 McIntyre, Robert Morning Mist
44 Near, Nancy Waiting in the Wings
45 Ng, Woon Lam Market Place
46 O'Connor, Birgit Rose Dream
47 Peterson, David Merchant and Main St.
48 Purcell, Robin After the Fire IV
49 Rogone, Anthony Forks and Spoons
50 Rouse, Charles Boat Yard Blues
51 Sakai, Kathy Urban Decay
52 Salvador, Andre What Color is your Blown Glass Ceiling
53 Santos, Joseph Drill Rig
54 Shoemaker, Doug San Diego Blue
55 Smith, Mark Pueblos Blancos
56 Sorrentino, Vita Dramaturg
57 St. Onge, Jan Indigo Village
58 Staub, Carol Rays Of Hope
59 Steinbach-Garcia, Teresa Wild Almonds
60 Stephens, Ron CTC Auto Ranch
61 Stermer-Cox, Margaret Just SayinV8b
62 Stone, Hazel Ditat Deus
63 Strier, Ellen Waiting in Malibu
64 Suz Chiang, Tan Relationship of City 8
65 Tang, Michael Mott Street New York City
66 Valencia, Salvador Race Day
67 Wacknov, Myrna Evolution
68 Walsh, Marilyn Store Window with Reflections
69 Walters, Steve The Wooden Prince
70 Wear, Marilyn Heading Downstream
71 Weckbach, Kevin Blue Pike and Red Glass
72 Williams, Erin Delicious Day
73 Wilson, Suzanne Farmers Market Radishes Leeks Chard
74 Wright, Val On Parade
75 Zymolka-Amrhein, Anita Working Upstream

Friday, October 10, 2014

Huddled Oaks, Plein Air Watercolor

Huddled Oaks 11 x 14 Plein Air Watercolor

This was painted as practice for the Sonoma Plein Air Event last month near Chalk Hill. I hardly ever paint under cold and foggy conditions, but felt like I needed to practice in case the weather was cloudy.. I was attracted to the shapes and subtle colors of the oaks, especially the one on the far right bravely reaching across the top of the ridge.
As we are in a terrible drought, I couldn't help wondering about the survival technique of taking root at the top and ?driest part of a ridge. This scene also made me wonder if the other side of the ridge was wetter. Another idea in the painting was how simple I could make the vineyard and still have it read. I didn't want detail in the vines distracting from the trees.

Huddled Oaks (Detail)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Diablo Arts Magazine Cover and Walnut Creek Turns 100 Exhibit, Lesher Foundation Award

The neighboring city of Walnut Creek has a public arts program sponsored by the city and the Lesher Foundation. I was honored to be asked if my painting " Wild At Heart" could be used as the cover to promote the Walnut Creek Turns 100 Exhibit.


The  Bedford Gallery also chose to feature the uncropped version in the brochure for Walnut Creek turns 100.

At the reception I was happy to find out my painting won the Lesher Foundation Award.
On the following Monday I was invited to give a docent talk about my painting which was a great experience, I got to meet some very talented artists and address a lively group of about 40 docents..Thanks to Carrie Lederer and her staff for a wonderful, local experience! Because this exhibit is unjuried it is uneven, but there are some wonderful pieces included, you just have to find them.

Exhibition Details:
Walnut Creek Turns 100: Celebrating the City Through Art September 21 - November 16, 2014

Admission during Walnut Creek Turns 100 is free thanks to a generous grant from the Lesher Foundation

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sonoma Plein Air Day Two Paintings

Companion Oaks 11 x 14

Hill at the Square 6 x 6 (quick draw)

Hill at the Square framed and sold

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A break by the coast: August Pescadaro Marsh 9 x 12 Plein Air Watercolor

August Pescadaro Marsh  9 x 12 Plein Air Watercolor

It was great to go paint at the Coast of Northern California. The moisture in the air was a good change from the dry conditions in the East Bay. This quick 9 x 12 was composed for me by nature, I turned my head and the dramatic darks of the trees contrasted with the distant and middle ground hills and gave the painting a dramatic focus.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

After the Fire VII and After the Fire VIII

After the Fire VII 9 x 12

After the Fire VIII 13 1/2 x 16 1/2

I enjoyed painting in the evening in July  so I went back up  Mount Diablo to paint the next two After the Fire series in the early evening.
The light changed the colors so there was an orange/ pink cast to the colors that reminds me of the pinkish caste to the light during a fire. These were painted from South Gate Rd near Rock City where a few trees recently were removed and a new vista of the summit and burnt area is visible. The bare soil took on a lovely terracotta color in the evening light. And I am learning how to compensate for how quickly the light changes at this time of day. (Giving the visual memory muscles a work out for sure)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Late July Hills" and "Flowers of the Sun in the Valley of the Moon" in CAC Miniatures en Plein Air

Late July Hills 9 x12 Plein Air Watercolor $700

Flowers of the Sun in the Valley of the Moon 9 x 12  plein air $700

Miniatures En Plein Air
California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill
1120 Old Mill Road, San Marino, CA
September 9, 2014 – January 11, 2015

I painted "Flowers of the Sun in the Valley of the Moon" for the title. The center flowers were done a long time ago, in the scene they were surrounded by bright foliage. I decided to push it down in value to help you focus on the flowers.

Friday, August 15, 2014

"Late July Hills", Plein Air Watercolor Study 9 x 12

Late July Hills 9x 12 watercolor painted on location, Mount Diablo.
I needed a break from driving way up to the burn zone, this was a quick hour and a half in changing light.
 The faster the light is changing, the smaller I paint. I also stop when the light is gone and complete these paintings from memory rather than try to paint in the dark. The different scale of the shapes appealed to me and the value pattern was all there, one of those turn my head and say "that's a painting" moments

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saint Mary's College Museum of Art, By Invitation Only, Revealing the Landscape

Here is how my three paintings look in this exceptionally well installed exhibit which runs through September 21st.
I wish I had the guts to paint my walls like this.

Top: After the Fire 18 x 24 (far right) Collection the artist
Bottom: Rare Sight 14 x 21 Collection Sue Nestor
             Zuma Canyon 14 x 21 Collection the artist
 These were from a sneak peek during installation from before the opening.
I plan on going back to see it when it is not so crowded. It is an inspiring exhibit that shows a wide range of landscape subjects styles and concepts.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

After the Mount Diablo Fire Series, After the Fire V and VI

After the Fire V 12 x 16
This is looking up at the summit in the fire zone. We had had some rain and there was new growth in the chaparral areas that was a lovely fresh green, the bare chert soil was a  deep red, burnt orange that contrasted nicely.

After the Fire VI 16 x 20
This is at Devil's elbow, just below the summit. The fire hopscotched through this area leaving patches of soil and singeing the lower part of the pines.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

After the Mount Diablo Fire Series, "After the Fire III" and " After the Fire IV"

 After the Fire III  Plein Air watercolor 16 x 20

After the Fire IV Plein Air Watercolor 16 x20

Here are two more paintings showing the changes on Mount Diablo  in the first year after the 2013 fire. Despite the drought  there is green vegetation returning in the bald areas left after the fire. As the season prgoesses I am trveling further up into the burn zone to see the plants against the bare earth.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"By Invitation Only, Revealing the Landscape" at Saint Mary's College Museum of Art

I am thrilled to have three paintings in this Saint Mary's College Museum of Art Exhibit

The opening is August 10th 2 to 4:30 pm.  The exhibit runs August 10th to September 21st.
Here is link to the Saint Mary's web site for more information

By Invitation Only, Revealing the Landscape: a contemporary landscape invitational featuring 27 of the Greater Bay Area's most intriguing and gifted artists, emerging, mid-career, and established, who vividly demonstrate the remarkable range and breadth of this iconic subject.

After the Fire 18 x 24 Collection the Artist

This is the side of the mountain I paint most often. It had a lovely trail of pink soil left in the fire's path. There was a brief green season this spring with softer greens than usual. I feel compelled to try to capture the changes on Mount Diablo as it heals and am working on an after the fire Series.

Zuma Canyon  14 x 21 Collection the Artist

This was painted in Malibu. It was the first time I saw how different the ridges and canyons are in Southern California.
This scene has no trees, only bare rocks and low vegetation that hugged the hillsides.The lovely fractured geometry of the rocks is clearly visible.

Rare Sight 14 x 21 Private Collection

This was a Monday morning and chores and errands waited while I seized the opportunity to capture the snow on the summit of Mount Diablo. Usually the snow melts as soon as the clouds lift. This snow fall happened late enough in the season so that it contrasted dramatically with the spring color on the foothills below, it was painting like winter and spring at once.

I have visited the annual summer landscape exhibits at the Saint Mary's Museum of Art, it's usually a highlight of my summer to see the inspiring paintings. So it is especially thrilling to be invited to exhibit here.Saint Mary's College Museum of Art is located at 1928 Saint Mary's Road, Moraga CA

Additional Information:
By Invitation Only:Revealing the Landscape
August 10 - September 21, 2014
Opening reception: Sunday, August 10, 2- 4:30 PM, Museum Patio. Come meet the artists. Visitors will also hear them speak about their own work in a new Guide by Cell tour.
Every summer Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art presents its annual summer landscape exhibition. This year’s exhibition, By Invitation Only: Revealing the Landscape, marks the 24th summer the tradition continues.
On view will be more than 80 works of art, including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, by 29 artists. These artists paint in plein-air in the natural landscape, sketch in urban locations, sculpt in studios and photograph on mountaintops and in their neighborhoods, each finding fresh new visions of the environment in which they live and work.
 The exhibition will include work by Chris Adessa, Sharron Antholt, Randy Beckelheimer, Martha Borge, Nicholas Coley, Christin Coy, Willard Dixon, Warren Dreher, Jessica Dunne, Stephen Joseph, Louis LaBrie, Richard Lindenberg, Peter Loftus, Catherine Mackey, Heidi McDowell, Jack Mendenhall, Teresa Onoda, Sandy Ostrau, Carol Peek, Robin Purcell, Roy Schmaltz, Randy Sexton, Linda Simmel, Tracey Snelling, Anne Subercaseaux, Tom Taneyhill, Bryan Mark Taylor, Donna J. Wan, and Wanda Westberg.

About the Museum
The Hearst Art Gallery was built with the aid of a grant from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. The Gallery opened in 1977, replacing a smaller William Keith Gallery. The College previously collected and distributed art for several decades, including many works by William Keith (1838-1911), a key figure in the history of California art. Brother Fidelis Cornelius Braeg, Saint Mary's College art professor and Keith biographer, established the original William Keith Collection and Gallery at Saint Mary's in 1934.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LPAPA's 10th Annual Best of Plein Air , Exhibiting Late Bloomers and Poppy Mound

The announcement for this exhibit in Southern California. I have two paintings in the exhibit

Late Bloomers 14 x 14

Poppy Mound 16 x 20

I am happy to be in this exhibit, it was juried by Jean Stern of the Irvine Museum and Randy Higbee

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Demonstration: " After the Fire II " 18 x 24 (Mount Diablo)

I thought it was time to post a demo.
This is Mount Diablo during the brief rainy season after the fire. The pink slash of exposed chert contrasted with the greens of spring.

After the Fire II 18 x 24. Still trying to get a good picture of the final piece.