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Slopes of Ceanothus

Slopes of Ceanothus , 12 x 12,  plein air watercolor.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Paintings of the year and goal setting for 2011

I try to sit down and reflect on my paintings of the year and decide on my favorites as I set new goals for next year. I am happy to say that two of my goals were met for this year. I created tree paintings I liked and got much more comfortable working in smaller sizes.

Sacred Grove 12 x 16
I liked the gracefulness of the forms of the young oaks here, they looked like they were dancing to me. I was also pleased with the foreground. Learning to see trees was helped tremendously by the exhibit " Superbly Independent" at the Hearst Gallery at St Mary's College in Moraga, as each of these three women artists had a favorite tree she painted ( see  my blog entry from July 21st  for more information about the exhibit)

Poppy Hill 12 x 16

I was very pleased with the amount of rain we had last winter as the poppies were finally out in full force on South Gate Road on Mount Diablo after two years of  dormancy. I like the amount of abstraction in these wildflowers and the subtle pale coppers and mauves of the grasses framing them.

Corral de Tierra Afternoon 12 x 15
This was painted during the Carmel Art Festival in May 2010. The weather was so cold and wet on the coast  that I went inland and found the most beautiful hill to paint. I've noted before that the hills near the coast have straighter shapes than the older more curvey eroded hills near Diablo. This hill had such lovely pleats, looking freshly wrinkled. This was also a favorite because it was one of those fun places to paint, with horses and butterflies and dragon flies ( but not horse flies) around me .

Waterline Napa 14 x 21

After two years of drought, water use was on my mind as I painted the stark contrast between the naturally dry summer hills and the irrigated patches of vineyards on this hill in Napa near Oakville. This was a great painting session, with the cameraderie of fellow painters from the California Art Club.

Morning has Broken 9 x 12 ( Mount Diablo)

The most recent painting of the year, this is the only painting of Mount Diablo I've chosen this year. It took a subject matter I know almost too well to create a 9 x 12 I am perfectly happy with as a finished painting as opposed to my usual sketches at this size..

Goal Setting for 2011

My goals for next year are to paint both bigger more often ( I usually paint 2 to 3 full sheets a year, with the vast majority of my work as half sheets, so I am aiming for 5 or 6 in 2011) and smaller ( 9 x 12 and even try some 8 x 10)
I still have not painted a nocturne after promising myself I would try one for several years, so at least trying one is on the list again.
Painting more trees and clouds is also on the list. I need to do more looking at trees and more going out to paint on cloudy days ( where I live it is sunny 300 days a year so I usually prefer painting in the bright sunlight) There are subtlies in colors and values on cloudy or foggy days I want to explore.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on this blog during the year. Your encouragement means a great deal to me.
Happy Painting in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nice Mention of the Statewide Competition and Exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art in the Danville Express

The Danville Express was kind enough to reproduce my painting in the Triton Museum of Art's Statewide Watercolor Competiton and Exhibition on today's digital front page along with a reminder that if your travels take you to Santa Clara this season, the exhibit is on display until the 27th of February . If you like watercolors, it is a comprehensive survey of current directions in the media with landscapes, portraits, still lives, florals, wildlife and abstract subject matters all well represented.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

San Luis Obispo Hill Paintings

Bishop's Spring 14 x 14( Bishop's Peak)

Bishop's Summer 14 x 21(Bishop's Peak)

 Graceful Hill, SLO,12 x 16

Over the past year I have been lucky enough to travel to the Moro Bay and San Luis Obispo area to paint more than once.
I'd like to live in the area some day because of the ocean and all the hills to paint.
I took my William Wendt book, looking for his famous painting of a hill from the area and finally found it but it was covered in fog both trips.( I am pretty sure it was Hollister Peak)
I found a quiet place to paint near the Poultry Science building that had a great view of Bishop's Peak. The plug of volcanic rock sticking out from the pedestal of  an oak-covered base was a different geology than what I'm used to.
There are gorgeous fields and marshes to paint near Los Osos and Montana D'Oro just to mention a few places I didn't get to.
Up in Cambria, there is a walk along the bluff with a sign that marks the exact southern limit of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary . I'd like to go back and paint the view of the southern end and find the northern end  and paint that as well. I like painting Mt Diablo often, but painting in a new place with different hills sparks my love for painting all over again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New small painting of Mount Diablo

"Morning Has Broken" 9 x 12 watercolor on paper.

If you follow this  blog you know I have been working for a while to get more comfortable with painting smaller. My smaller works tend to read as studies and not as finished works. This time I had a reason for working small, the rapidly changing light on Mount Diablo. As in most of my plein air pieces, the shapes and hues were observed on location and values  were altered to suit the painting's needs in the studio..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Curve of the Earth- Selected for the 2010 Statewide Watercolor Painting Competition and Exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara

  "The Curve of the Earth" 21 x 14, will be exhibited at the 2010 Statewide Watercolor Painting Competition and Exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara.
This Exhibit was juried by Rebecca Schapp, Director of the de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University
and noted watercolor artist and art educator Karen Frey
The Reception is Friday, December 10, 7 to 9, and the Exhibit runs December 11 to February 27th 2011.

The Curve of the Earth was painted at the Summit of Mount Diablo. 

The artists selected for this year’s Watercolor Competition & Exhibition are: Edna Acri, Alisan Andrews, Frank Ansley, Chris Beck, Curtis A. Boyle, Sheila H. Cain, Peter Carey, Bonni Carver, Manli Chao, Taryn Curiel, Robert Regis Dvorak, K. Druker, Jane W. Ferguson, Jan Grady, Veronica Gross, Dana Harris, Jane R. Hofstetter, Karen Honaker, Robert Horning, Nancy M. Howe, Charlotte Huntley, Joan January, Alvin Joe, Sue Johnston, Uma Kelkar, Ruth Koch, Kathy Lake, Julie Limberg, Ellen Little, Carolyn Lord, Sandra MacDiarmid, Ann Nancy Macomber, Karen Marquez, Jane McCullough, Maggie Metcalf, Denise Oyama Miller, Ruth E. Miller, Kathleen Mitchell, Saeko Nakamura, Nancy Near, R. Mike Nichols, Bob Nugent, Elise Odom, Mary Owens, Barbara Pease, Robin Purcell, Michael Reardon, Rita Sklar, Michelle Goll Smith, Bonnie M. Stone, Marta M. Szoboszlay, Betty Theodore, Sally Van Oosbree , Claire Schroeven Verbiest, Barbara Von Haunalter, Myrna Wacknov, Margaret Washington, Alice Weil, Mira M. White, Miyoko Whittelsey, and Floy Zittin.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Curve of the Earth- on the Cover of the November Issue of The Monthly

Cover | Robin Purcell

The Curve of the Earth (watercolor painting, 2009). Robin Purcell, best known for her paintings of Mt. Diablo, created this watercolor in conjunction with the 2009 Mt. Diablo and Mt. Fuji Invitational Exhibit at the Hearst Gallery of St. Mary’s College in Moraga. “The open space of the parks in the East Bay is very important to my work,” says Purcell, who works exclusively in watercolor. “Mt. Diablo in particular is an island of peace in an otherwise crowded suburban setting.” A plein air artist “who goes outside to see colors and shapes from life and organize it into shimmering patches of color,” Purcell references the California impressionists as influences. Also, she jokes, she “was probably permanently warped by doing paint-by-numbers as a child.” Purcell holds a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Connecticut. To see more of her paintings online, visit robinpurcellpaints.blogspot.com.

The above is the nice write up they gave my work on the inside front cover.

Here is a link to the online version of The Monthly
I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a cover image, last Month's cover was by Milton Glaser, a long time favorite of mine.

Monday, October 11, 2010

On My Book shelf: Color by Victoria Finlay

I've read this book about 5 times. It is a mixture of adventure travel, history and science and traces the use of pigments from the prehistoric use of oxides and ochers through sources in the natural world (carmine came from insects) to the synthesis of modern chemically based color. I like knowing where the pigments came from and the journey Victoria went on is a refreshing read for a mostly armchair traveler.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Imagine California Exhibit and Reception at the Kevin Milligan Gallery Danville

Zuma Canyon, Malibu 14 x 21
Earlier this year, I was fortunate to take part  in the exhibit to benefit  Save Mt Diablo at this same  gallery located in downtown Danville. This exhibit is a juried competition curated by Philip Linhares, Chief Curator Oakland Museum , Oakland , California

The juried competitions at the Milligan Gallery are intended to provide local, regional, national and international artists with professional opportunities to exhibit while engaging the communities at large in a diverse selection of mediums and subjects.
The goal of "Imagine California"is to gather art that inspires discussion about the California experience.
Zuma Canyon was painted in Malibu. I liked the fractured nature of the ridges in Southern California. They have a weird geometry all their own. Our ridges are older and covered in mud, with beautiful flowing lines. This Canyon was fun to paint with sharp angles and an odd juxtaposition of shapes.

There were  19 artists selected, including several bay area artists I know and admire: Bill Carmel, Ruth Beeve, Susana Scarborough , Gary Stutler   and Charles White

The reception is Saturday October 9th  from 5 to 8.
The exhibit runs October 9 to November 20th.
Milligan Gallery 408 Hartz Ave DAnville, 925 309 4648

Hope to see you at the reception.

Friday, October 1, 2010

East Bay Members of the National Watercolor Society at the Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton, Reception Oct 19

Summit From Southgate, 21 x 14 (Painted on Mt Diablo)

East Bay Members of the National Watercolor Society
4444 Railroad Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566

October 19th - December 2nd
October 20th 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on my book shelf

Making Color Sing Making Color Sing by Jean Dobie . Color is very important to my painting process. Here is the book that lays out color theory in a logical way and shows how it is applied on a practical basis. (I am an amazon associate, so I get a small ad fee if you purchase via this link.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working in a Series-Meadow and Trees Subject

One of the things I learned long ago is that my best paintings are painted when I am excited by a theme and really get in there and work the variations. Here are three in the order I painted them.

Carpet of Flowers 16 x 12
First in the series , this was a study in texture and color that I enjoyed doing. I liked the qulaity of light and for me, relatively quiet mood of the palette. I would have normally put in some darks to compliment the lights.

Pacific Meadow 18 x 10 .
Here I've accentuated  the vertical composition,  and made the value contrasts more dramatic . I've also made the trees into one mass , which simplifies and strengthens the composition. The use of color is more vibrant, but I've still carefully controlled the values to avoid chaos.

A Tangled Place 14 x 14.
Here's the top square of the previous painting, accentuating the placement of the trees to the left and playing up the colors and shapes of the meadow. The simplification and abstract quality of this would not have been possible for me without working through the other paintings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Watercolor Class

 Here's the information about my Fall Class

Landscapes in Watercolor
Taught by Robin Purcell
In this hands-on class you will be guided in the art of color mixing and harmonies for
landscapes in watercolor. Robin will share how she developed her own style of painting
that lead to Signature Status in the National Watercolor Society and the California Art
Robin has been passionate about creating art for over twenty years. She chooses to
work in a series of paintings – to connect and interpret the landscape that has been
described as “a patchwork of vivid color, almost jewel-like.” Beginners to
advance students are welcome, age 16 plus, please.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Demonstration of "Water Line Napa"

Water Line Napa was painted during the California Art Club Paint Out at the Oakville Grocery, Napa. I was interested in how the irrigation changed the landscape into something completely different from what occurs naturally. With our drought here in California I've been thinking about water and it's uses ( another tenative title was "water into wine").Many painters look west towards the lush mountains, I feel more at home painting the eastern view. It reminds me of the forms and colors on Mount Diablo. This is the final ( I think )version, I need to recrop it because of the upper right corner.

Water Line Napa, 14 x 21

Here's my working process, which is basically top to bottom, using the patterns of oak trees to establish movement and direction. I love using diagonals.

Stage two, moving down  the painting to start to develope the foreground

End of plein air painting session, about 2 and a half hours. My composition is established and most of my thinking is done, I can see it finished in my mind's eye.( that streak of gray on the lower right is from a shadow cast on the paper.) I usually don't add shapes in the studio, just adjust values because I paint the lightest value that I think should work.  It is so much easier to make watercolor go darker, than to lighten it.

 Recropped and larger, Water Line Napa 14 x 21

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two New Plein Air Paintings

 Sacred Grove WIP 12 x 16

I finally finished two plein air paintings from this summer, "Sacred Grove" 12 x 16 from a paint out at Borges Ranch and "Forest Hill" 14 x 14 from the Paintout at St Mary's Hearst Gallery for the summer landscape exhibit  (see my previous post.)
The exhibit at the Hearst Gallery inspired me to try my hand at doing something other than a panorama, because all three of the painters had such gorgeous trees in their paintings and favorite trees at that!
I am really happy with the foreground on Sacred Grove, just enough suggestion of detail and the colors are very true to that paradoxical blue green from the invasive star thistle. The young oak trees were fun to paint, they seemed like they were dancing in a circle.

 Forest Hill 14 x 14

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

St Mary's Hearst Gallery, Opening Reception and Paintout for "Superbly Independent: Early California Paintings by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan and Marion Kavanagh Wachtel" this Sunday

I have been invited to paint during the opening events of this exhibit this Sunday.
I can't wait to see the works by these painters.

Superbly Independent: Early California Paintings by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan and Marion Kavanagh Wachtel
July 25 - Sept. 19, 2010
Nearly 100 landscape paintings by three pioneer Western women painters

Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel (1870 - 1954), Untitled (Eucalyptus Trees, watercolor, 12 x 9 inches, n.d. Courtesy of The Irvine Museum)

Tenacious and talented early women landscape painters often received scant attention from the art world. Although it was unusual at the turn of the century to find women artists working atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific or deep in the middle of a pine forest, that is just where these three artists spent much of their careers.

The Hearst Gallery first became interested in Annie Harmon because of her connection to landscape master William Keith—she was his painting student for many years, and became a family member when her brother married Keith’s daughter. Keith’s pupils were primarily women, and he was known to encourage others in their pursuit of a painting career.

While researching Harmon and her relationship with her mentor, interesting parallels emerged with her contemporaries Mary DeNeale Morgan and Marion Kavanagh Wachtel. By presenting the three gifted, independent and pioneering painters together, we are also able to look at the breadth and variety of the California landscape—from the densely wooded forests of the north, to the Bay Area and the spectacularly scenic central coast, to the bright, strong colors and tones of the desert and the Southland.

This exhibition and accompanying catalogue would not have been possible without the generous support of two dedicated collectors, Betty Boone Williams and Alberta Parker Horn. Works are also on loan from museums, galleries, public and private collectors. The richly illustrated color catalog includes a complete checklist of paintings, with biographical essays by Jean Stern, Executive Director of The Irvine Museum; independent art historian, Erika Esau; and Julie Armistead, the exhibition’s guest curator.

" Forest Hill" 14 x 14 from the Superbly Independent  Opening Day Paint Out.
I wanted to focus more on trees in tribute to Harmon, Wachtel and Morgan.

Public Hours: Wednesdays through Sundays, 11 am – 4:30 pm Telephone: (925) 631.4379 Website: www.hearstartgallery.org Contact: Heidi Donner, hdonner@stmarys-ca.edu (925) 631.4069

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five Watercolorists Exhibit at Epperson Gallery extended to August 15th

There has been strong interest in the watercolor exhibit at the Epperson Gallery, so it has been extended through August 15th. If you are interested in seeing some of the most accomplished watercolor painters in Northern California ,I recommend that you make time to travel to Crockett to see it. Artists in the exhibit include Dick Cole, Linda Sutton  Michael Reardon and me.
Here are some of my paintings at the Epperson Gallery

 Mount Diablo, Northern View 14 x 14

Spring Tapestry 16 x 12

Here is a link to the Epperson Gallery in Crockett for hours and information

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3rd Award Watercolor at the 80th Statewide Exhibit of Contemporary Landscape Painters at SCAL, Last Chance ,closing this weekend

My Painting " 'Mount Diablo Morning"  was Awarded 3rd Prize Watercolor in the exhibit by Juror Richard Mayhew. The exhibit closes this Sunday ,so you still have time to see it. The complete list of award winners is posted here at the SCAL web site.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art Vs Oil Spill:Artful Products at Zazzle for Save the Gulf- Wild Life Rehab

Paul Jackson  has offered artists a way to do something about the Gulf of Mexico. He has set up a Zazzle store where you can buy products with the proceeds going to the Wildlife rescue. Here's a link to the online store, there are 18 new products in just the first day, so please take a look. Zazzle store link.
 Pacific Swirls. I feel lucky to live in Northern California relatively near the Coast, and am grateful for the chance to help.
This online Zazzle store features a collection of artwork donated by artists around the the world specifically to benefit wildlife rescue operations along the Gulf Coast in the wake of the BP oil spill disaster.

Proceeds from your purchase will benefit an organization that is all volunteer and they will use the funds where they can do the most good.

The name of the organization is Wildlife @Rehabilitation & Nature Preservation Society, Inc. or WRANPS. TIN is 64-0701440. They were formed in 1983 and are a 501(c)3. Their info can be verified on Guidestar, the official website that monitors US Non-Profits. They are also registered with the Secretary of State of MS as a Charity. Their address is P O Box 209; Long Beach, MS 39560.

Please feel free to donate to them directly!
Make checks payable to Wildlife Rehabilitation & Nature Preservation Society, Inc. or WRANPS. P O Box 209; Long Beach, MS 39560. (in the note/subject line of your check, please include "art vs oil spill") Attn: Jan Dubuisson
Thank you for all that you can do to help!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sneak Peak of New Publication "Splash 11" on Amazon.com and Five Watercolorists at the Epperson Gallery

Northlight Books Biannual Publication series of the Best in Watercolor has just published the latest edition " Splash 11 New Directions". I am pleased that my painting "A Tangled Place" is included in this book which includes only  111 Artists who entered the competition.

 I usually paint panoramas and began looking in a new direction, directly in front of me as I tackled the challenge of abstracting a foreground. Amazon lets you look inside  and my painting is in the samples  selected.

 A Tangled Place 14 x 14 

Carpet of Flowers 12 x 16 Available at the Epperson Gallery

One of the reasons I was able to succeed with this new direction is that I was interested enough to create a series of the same theme and explore variations.
Another painting in this series, Carpet of Flowers, is a part of the five watercolorists exhibit at the Epperson Gallery, Crockett, on display now through July 11th , with an opening reception June 5, 5 to 7.
Other watercolorists in this exhibit include Linda Sutton, Dick Cole and Michael Reardon who all do some of the most beautiful and accomplished paintings in watercolor I have ever seen.
I am thrilled to be a part of this exhibit and hope to see you at the reception.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sonoma Plein Air Day Four to Six

We finally got some sun on Thursday and I got in two very different paintings.

Survivor 12 x 12
I was happy to have sunlight to paint and this gorgeous Eucalyptus caught my eye. I like it when there is one tree left of what you know was  once a windbreak .
A Perfect Day 12 x 16

After another fabulous lunch by Terry ( apricot chicken ) I drove over to Green String Farm where Hylla Evans pointed out the way to a wonderful painting spot beside the pond, and out of the wind. There were egrets, cranes, red-winged black birds , crows( having a discussion about what the heck I was doing)  and sheep baahing in the next field. This is the kind of setting I love to paint in and will be back to paint.

Friday was spent staring at paintings touching them up and framing. Friday night was the gala at Cline Cellars where Dick Cole very deservedly won artists' choice with his masterful watercolor.
Saturday, the rain held off and we had good foot traffic all day. A side benefit of the sale is being able to talk with other artists ,something I don't do often enough. It was especially fun talking with Dick Cole and Micheal Reardon, my fellow Watercolor painters.  My hosts, the Bieneman's were gracious and generous hosts.
If you would like to read about other painters at this event, my fellow bloggers for this event are Terry Miura and Bill Cone
In spite of the weather, it was a great week , in no small part because of the wonderful job done by the volunteers who work on this event year round. Art education in the schools needs all the support we can give it. To find out more about the foundation go  to the Sonoma Plein Air Web Site

Sonoma Plein Air Day Two and Three

I have learned not to keep driving around looking for the next view, Sonoma is the size of Rhode Island! On Tuesday, I painted along highway 12, near Kunde Winery for both paintings. I liked the view of a particularly graceful rounded hill and the view of Sugarloaf under stormy conditions. Tuesday was also the first of two gourmet lunches prepared by Terry Wicks. It was partly sunny with some rain scattered about.
On Wednesday I started out at Grove Street and painted a vineyard up on the hillside ( I forgot to take a photo of this and will post it later) In the afternoon , it was raining steadily. I had noticed a pavilion at Kunde so I painted under that because there was a view of a third hill from the shelter there.

Spring Colors Sonoma 11 x 14 Available at the Epperson Gallery

Detail of "Spring Colors, Sonoma ".I was pleased with how the transition of Spring green on the grass to the summer gold made interesting patterns here.

The Dark Side of Sugarloaf 14 x14
My personal favorite of the week. I took a lot of risks with this one but I love the bold colors and dramatic diagonals . These are sadly, taken through plexi in the frames because I forgot to photograph them before they were framed.

Hill at Kunde 11 x 14 watercolor
I was uncomfortable when I painted this, so I asked myself "what are the essential shapes I need to show the form" ( a lovely twisting motion ) for this hill?
Sometimes wanting to get out of the cold makes me hurry  or sloppy but sometimes it focuses my thinking and helps clarify the painting process.

Sonoma Plein Air Day One

 Day 1
Immediately after Carmel, the Sonoma Plein Air Event .

 Unfinished study from Monday 11 x 14

I am still digging out but here are a few highlights. On Monday it rained steadily so I thought I would scout locations but ended up being pulled over and told to stay put for an hour and a half  by the CHP while the bike race passed on Warm Springs Road . I should have known to check and Keith Wicks amazingly thorough notes had mentioned the Amgen Tour !
Since it was the first day and I wanted to try out painting from the back of my SUV in the rain, I started a painting of what was in front of me. Not enough thinking went into this upfront and it is still unfinished, it has a nice atmosphere and captures the moody rain, but is not something I would choose to paint in other circumstances. The tree on the left is floating and that green shape in the middle doesn't work at all. I will stare at it and see if solutions present themselves.
I do like my tentative title "Rainy Days and Mondays"
The Amgen Tour Warms Springs Road Sonoma, Monday May 17

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nature's Treasures: Contemporary Landscape Painters of California, 3rd Prize Watercolor from Richard Mayhew 80th Annual Statewide Exhibition

Here is my accepted painting for this year's exhibit: "Mount Diablo Morning" 22 x 28 Watercolor on Arches.
This painting received third prize watercolor .
The juror for this year is Richard Mayhew, pre-eminent American Landscape Artist.
Here's a link to information about him. 
The exhibit is at:
Santa Cruz Art League
526 Broadway
Santa Cruz Ca 95060.

Update May 2013
Mount Diablo Morning sold long ago but it is the view of Mount Diablo from Danville that I see almost every day, here are a few more paintings from a similar location that are available:


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two Paintings from the Carmel Art Festival

 Buena Vista 14 x 14

 Corral de Tierra Afternoon 12 x 16

These are low res and behind plexiglass but I wanted to share these images quickly.( I will replace them with better ones later) I was gratified that both these paintings sold. I did a lot of driving to get inland to sun and I liked painting these much better than the foggy ones which will go unseen.  I hope to see you on the square in Sonoma on the 22nd if you are in the area

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy getting ready for two Plein Air Events in May: Carmel Art Festival and Sonoma Plein Air Event

Vineyard Verde 11 x 14 sold

Top of the World Carmel Valley 12 x 16, honorable mention Carmel Art Festival 2009
Here are two of the paintings from these events last May.  The details for both events are on the web sites linked to the right of this post, but the main events are Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16 in Carmel and Friday and Saturday, May 21 and 22 in Sonoma.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Art in the Gallery :Gallery Elite

top Twisted Mountain 14 x 21
bottom Pacific Meadow 16x 10

I was recently in beautiful Carmel to deliver new work to Gallery Elite. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello to Teresa and her friendly staff. 
There are almost too many great places to paint there. I took a walk around Carmel Point and it was interesting to see how the beach had changed during this past winter.

Gallery Elite is located on:San Carlos
Between 5th & 6th Street
Carmel, CA 93921