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Spring Radiance

  Spring Radiance 12 x 12 watercolor on paper  Newest painting of the bright colors of a sunny Southern California spring day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reprinted from Michael Newberry's blog, Update 10/19 with video link

Bartholemew Park 12 x 16 watercolor on Arches

"Robin Purcell’s Style in Watercolor

Robin Purcell, Bartholomew Park, 2009, watercolor on arches, 12 x 16 inches

Robin Purcell has a unique style in which quilt-like patches of color overlap and flow across both the paper and the landscape. She varies the tone and hue of the colors, which encourages our eyes to move from one area to another; notice how this works with the four different patches of burnt orange (lower left to lower right of the image). More elaborately, she does the same thing with the variations of the greens, from the first three triangular shapes in the foreground to the many shapes changing in intensity as they recede back through the hills.

Purcell’s style has hints of early 20th-century children’s illustrated books, with the patchwork landscape of Southwest England, and Vermeer’s abstract patches of light and shadow.

This work along with a few other of Purcell’s watercolors will be on display in the group show, Landscape with a Modern Edge at the Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica.

Michael Newberry"

(Michael's Blog is at http://artistsvoice.wordpress.com/ if you would like to read more.)

Here's a video of the group Landscape painting exhibit I am in through November 21 at the Newberry Gallery, Santa Monica