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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sonoma Plein Air Day Two and Three

I have learned not to keep driving around looking for the next view, Sonoma is the size of Rhode Island! On Tuesday, I painted along highway 12, near Kunde Winery for both paintings. I liked the view of a particularly graceful rounded hill and the view of Sugarloaf under stormy conditions. Tuesday was also the first of two gourmet lunches prepared by Terry Wicks. It was partly sunny with some rain scattered about.
On Wednesday I started out at Grove Street and painted a vineyard up on the hillside ( I forgot to take a photo of this and will post it later) In the afternoon , it was raining steadily. I had noticed a pavilion at Kunde so I painted under that because there was a view of a third hill from the shelter there.

Spring Colors Sonoma 11 x 14 Available at the Epperson Gallery

Detail of "Spring Colors, Sonoma ".I was pleased with how the transition of Spring green on the grass to the summer gold made interesting patterns here.

The Dark Side of Sugarloaf 14 x14
My personal favorite of the week. I took a lot of risks with this one but I love the bold colors and dramatic diagonals . These are sadly, taken through plexi in the frames because I forgot to photograph them before they were framed.

Hill at Kunde 11 x 14 watercolor
I was uncomfortable when I painted this, so I asked myself "what are the essential shapes I need to show the form" ( a lovely twisting motion ) for this hill?
Sometimes wanting to get out of the cold makes me hurry  or sloppy but sometimes it focuses my thinking and helps clarify the painting process.
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