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Slopes of Ceanothus

Slopes of Ceanothus , 12 x 12,  plein air watercolor.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Valona Paint Out


Canyon at the Reservoir

Eucalyptus Hill

The paint out took place the first week of August in Crockett and was exhibited on Saturday and Sunday August 4 and 5 at the Epperson Gallery. There were so many artists, it was a good thing they asked us to paint small. I am still working on getting comfortable working in smaller sizes.

Atmosphere was 9 X 11. I just couldn't make myself do anything smaller. The other two are 10.5 X 13.5. I found a great place to paint about 2 miles out Carquinez Scenic at a reservoir . There was an egret I could watch while waiting for paint to dry. Atmosphere was done at the top of DUPERU . It was a challenge because the wind was strong , but it was fun to see Mt Diablo in the distance thru the coastal haze.

Many artists stayed in town and took advantage of the hills to paint rooftops, the bridge from below, nocturnes of the neon, and the old cars. And even though the show was only up a day or so, I sold Atmosphere and got some practice for the Sonoma Plein Air Event coming up in September. There were so many good paintings , it would be hard to pick favorites or even drop names. .....here is the web site for the paint out.



Anonymous said...

Robin, I have been anticipating a next post, and here it is! The Eucalyptus is delicious!
What a wonderful style you have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

Your watercolors look lovely on the blog. I enjoy your commentary as well!


Anonymous said...

Your works are marvelous! i love the colors!