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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

International perspective on watercolor

I have been enjoying a blog dedicated to watercolor in French thanks to Google translate. It has a wide perspective on watercolor. The author has kindly included a link to my blog under the heading  " mes coups de coeur" or his favorites. Which given the quality of the art posted is pretty amazing,
I feel like this is one of those connections that would never happen without the internet .
Here is a link to the blog:


Visit and enjoy!

1 comment:

masmoulin said...

Bonjour Robin,
Merci beaucoup ! Je suis très flatté pour cette mise en avant de mon blog. C'est tout à fait vrai qu'Internet permet maintenant, via les blogs et les réseaux sociaux de faire de jolies rencontres et l'assouvir notre grande passion pour l'aquarelle.
Merci encore
Pierre alias masmoulin

Google translation
Hello Robin, Thank you very much! I'm very flattered for this put forward by my blog.
It is quite true that the Internet now allows, via blogs and social networks to meet nice and satisfy our passion for watercolor.
Best regards
Pierre alias masmoulin