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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reflecting on last year's favorite paintings and goals for 2012

Reviewing  posts from last year and my goals, it was gratifying to see some progress has been made.
I perpetually want to paint more water, trees and clouds because they are a part of the landscape I love and panoramas aren't always accessible.

Water paintings were mostly of the Pacific Ocean near Point Lobos.
The contrast of water and rocks is what excited me about these paintings.

Point Lobos Arche

Painting smaller was something I worked hard at last year. Painting large is comfortable for me and I usually have trouble caring enough about small paintings. Small complete paintings vs studies or sketches are the goal here. Thanks to two small painting exhibits, I got lots of practice and came up with two of my favorite paintings of the year.

Dark Curl One 6x 6

Windbreak at Dusk 6 x 6
I loved the subtle and limited colors on this piece.

Not a Mount Diablo in the bunch this year!
I still love the ridges in California.
" Flag Hill Sunol" was a favorite because of the camaraderie of the group I was painting with and the kinship I felt with whoever had the imagination to stand where I was and see a flag when they looked up at this ridge.

Flag Hill Sunol

This fall I painted a series of oak trees here in the east bay.
Oak Trees are the trees I see most often which helps me find graceful ones to paint.

 Golden Oak

For this year, I would  like to try painting a nocturne. The quiet and limited palette of  "Windbeak at Dusk"
 is leaning in that direction.
And I want to do at least one sky/ cloud painting.
My habit is to go out and paint when the weather is nice so getting out during the shifting colors and patterns of a partly cloudy day should be interesting and challenging.
I want to continue the Oak trees series and have been out scouting.

Thank you for stopping by my blog during this past year,
I appreciate you comments and hope you enjoy seeing my new works this year. Best ,Robin
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