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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Path to MCWA ...fond memories of Paintings and Jurors past

Eight years and six paintings later, I am still thrilled with the hills of northern California 
For my own  pleasure and review here are the paintings and jurors who made my up MCWA Signature Exhibitions.
 I blogged earlier about getting the CWA national exhibit bug after the early award from Charles Reid.  
But I don't want to forget the other five extraordinary artists who lent their talents to jurying these exhibits and including my paintings.

 It takes a special generosity to take the time and risk the disappointments of those not accepted.
I recently started jurying art exhibits and it was truly challenging.

 I think having a love for the landscape, especially Mount Diablo and the East Bay Hills led to the success of these paintings in exhibitions and with finding homes with collectors who love these hills as well. 

Here is a link to the California Watercolor Association  Master Signature Members http://www.californiawatercolor.org/signaturemembers.php

  2012 Juror Mike Bailey

Flag Hill Sunol 


2010 Juror - Christopher Schink

Curve of the Earth

 2009 Juror - John Salminen


Valley Vertigo  


2007 Signature Membership Earned Juror Carla O Connor

Day Of Emeralds

2006 Jerry Little Award

Juror of Selection - Mel Stabin

Juror of Awards - Christopher Schink
Jerry Little Award   -  $200
Robin Purcell
Danville, CA
Mt. Diablo Spring Morning
15 x 20

2004 Jade Fon Award Charles Reid Juror

Jade Fon Award  -  $150
Robin Purcell
Danville, CA
View From The South Gate 23 x 31
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