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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"On a Clear Day" Plein Air Painting on Northgate Road on Mount Diablo

                                                         "On a Clear Day "10 x 13

A couple days ago I went up Northgate Road on Mount Diablo looking for poppies, I didn't see many poppies yet ,but was attracted to this view of the bay and hills of Marin to the North. The higher elevations on Mount Diablo are pretty dry already.  This painting involved a careful drawing of the silhouette of the slopes and the flat lands and mountains beyond.

 Here's an in process shot to give you an idea of how I started. I generally paint the lightest value I think will work in a given shape and glaze over if it seems too light later in the process.

In Process  " On a Clear Day"

Playing around with photo, the sky is actually pale yellow.

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