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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Las Juntas Art Association Demonstration August

Last week I gave a demonstration for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group in Pleasant Hill California.
As usually is the case I demonstrated my underpainting/ mid value mess and finished the painting up by glazing over to get the darker values once the painting sat overnight. I chose this painting because the earlier version had too simple a color palette for my taste, I wanted to add more red and green to a yellow and blue green only painting.

Here is what the painting looked like at the end of the night. I has established the major shapes, and the foreground gold was the color I wanted. I needed to adjust the rest of the painting to be consistent with that bright gold.

I glazed over the gold in the hills using a small amount of quinacridone gold.

Glazed over the foreground trees to make the intensity consistent with the gold on the hill
using the strong staining colors of quinacridone gold, thalo blue and thalo green.

Adjusted the values of the distant hills, making the pink hill darker by glazing over it with more of the same color and adjusted the blue green hill by lifting there color and glazing over with cobalt blue.

Here is the original painting. Where they ride horses. 16 x 12

Thank you to Las Juntas I enjoyed meeting you all!

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