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Monday, August 14, 2017

Artists Round Table Materials Notes

Artists Round Table Materials Notes

In lieu of a handout, here are some notes for the demo for June 1


Are what strikes most viewers about my work. I worked many years to see and understand values.
Only with accurate values can one get away with expressive saturated colors

Tools are gray scales  like this one http://www.cheapjoes.com/cheap-joe-s-value-sketch-and-composition-finder.html



I have many, many tubes of paint on my palette.
They are there for convenience in quick mixing in the field and opacity vs transparency

Recessive Colors (less saturated)
(used for distant elements)

Cobalt turquoise, winsor yellow, cobalt blue, manganese blue, permanent rose, yellow ochre, jaune brilliant#1 (holbein), burnt sienna

Advancing colors

Windsor green, winsor blue (the thalos) ultramarine blue, quinacridones (gold, burnt orange), cadmium yellow,pyrol orange, perm alizarin crimson,winsor red

Arches 300 lb hot press, bright white

Brushes Synthetics

Jack Richeson 9000 Signature Series Rounds 12 and 14

Escoda Prado 12 and 14 less thirsty for damp conditions

1/2 inch flats and large flat wash brush

Robert E Wood Palette

Always nearby paper towels or toilet paper

Artists' Tape

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