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“Summer Ridge” juried into SDWS Plein air by Joseph Zbukvic

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scott Shields Part 2

He prefaced his remarks on individual paintings with general ideas on contemporary plein air painting. He likes paintings that are romantic in a good way vs nostalgic in a (My word)corny way i.e . period costumes on people. He likes it when you can tell paintings are painted today and have a style that makes them contemporary vs reproducing the past.

For instance, in oil paintings where scrubbed out areas are used to create light areas. Where the bold brush work or economy of brushwork is used so that brush strokes become the thing they are depicting. And are simplified so that a blob of paint has an almost magical amount of information or emotion to express. Or areas that work on their own as abstract paintings .(His phrasing was much better than this. ) It is clear he loves art and thinks clearly about why he enjoys a particular piece and can express himself. It is too bad they don't do a critique with him at Carmel.

He actually spoke about my painting ...that in watercolors, I paint an old subject in a new way and he hadn't seen anyone else paint like this. ( breaking the subject into shapes)

It was gratifying that he liked my painting and remembered me from the Carmel Art festival ..see May's posting about the Carmel Art Festival.

It was a small crowd, so everyone got to speak to Scott or Ira if they wanted. A few red dots on the walls from sales, not as many as I would have liked, it makes me feel good about selling all my paintings at the Carmel Art Festival.

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