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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nila Oakes Exhibit

I went to Pleasanton to see the Nila Oakes show. The paintings are exquisite, graceful sky scapes set near the coast, in Marin I think. She wrote that her oils become gummy in hot weather and that she prefers painting in the winter. The coolness came across....very refreshing during the 80 degree valley weather.
The paintings were mostly large and the balance between abstract and real was good with lots of movement in the rain clouds. I like her veils of color making the clouds luminous and her meandering lines in the narrow slices of land along the bottom. Every stormy sky had a lovely area where the sky was clearing. The subtle purples and lush greens knocked me out. I am glad I went as this is the first art I have seen in person since Carmel. It really makes a difference as the images online don't convey half of the appeal.
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