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Friday, June 27, 2008

Artists Days at Tao House

California Barn 12 x16
Eucalyptus Dance 21 x14
Mt Diablo Morning A full Sheet! 22 x 28

Well ,the good thing is I have been too busy painting to keep the blog up to date! Way back in May, I spent two lovely days painting at Tao House, the name of the Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site. This event was sponsored by the Eugene O'Neill Foundation and the National Park Service. It was a good warm up for the Carmel Plein Air Event. I painted the full sheet of Mt Diablo on the first day and the two experiments on the second day. The second day was way too hazey to do a a panorama so I decided to try my hand at close ups of the barn and a eucalyptus tree. The Foundation's web site is http://eugeneoneill.org/events_artists08.html
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