Saturday, March 12, 2011

Experimenting with tiny (for me) 6 x 6's

"Dark Curl 2 , 6'" square

"Dark Curl 1" 6 "square

"Wireless Palms" 6 "Square

Here are three tiny paintings. They are all 6 by 6. It was  hard for me to paint this small. This isn't my usual style, I tend to pull back and paint more traditionally when learning something new. This size seemed to work best for me with very strong and very simple value patterns.
The two "Dark Curl" paintings were actually painted as a 6" by 12" and cut apart. They were done from a photo I took along Carmel Beach.
"Wireless Palms" was a plein air piece, I was attracted to the perfectly symmetrical palm trees in a neighborhood in Palm Desert. I asked a resident what kind of palms they were because I had never seen anything like them........they are CELL PHONE TOWERS! We have cell phone towers that look like redwoods in Northern California. Anyway , I still like the painting but it always helps to know what you are painting! 
The two wave paintings were exhibited at the Randy Higbee Gallery 6 x 6 show in Costa Mesa.

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