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Monday, January 17, 2022

Best Watercolor in Plein Air Salon Competition from CW Mundy!

 I am honored and thrilled that “Spring Song of Malibu” was awarded best watercolor in the December 2021 Plein Air Salon Contest for Plein Air Magazine. I admire C w Mundy as an artist very much, which is why I entered this months contest.

There is a certain logic behind this entry. The last timeI won an award , Michael Zakian was the judge. I entered then because I admired his skills and judgement as a curator and art historian. It takes a combination of a judge I feel strongly about and a painting I feel is an original statement  that I hope will be appreciated and understood. This was painted for the on location in Malibu exhibit at Pepperdine University where Micheal Zakian was Curator.

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ferrelli said...

Woo hoo! The highest congratulations to you! Well done !!