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Thursday, May 22, 2008

At the Carmel Art Festival, part 2

Top of the World, Carmel Valley 12 x 16

This painting was done first thing Thursday morning when I was freshest. It is about 100 feet from where Eastward Afternoon was painted. It sold during the festival at a gallery in Carmel along with a painting called Garrapata( from a previous post).

Hidden Valley View 14 x 14

Painted under the mid day sun in the heat, I was uncomfortable in the heat, but it made me paint faster and simplify the shapes. I am pleased with this. I tend to be happiest when I try something a little different.

Carmel Knolls View 12 x 16

My only painting not done in Carmel Valley. I took advantage of the time Wednesday night to paint near town. I did not want to drive then paint (as opposed to paint then drive)when daylight was limted. This is the first neighborhood off of Carmel Valley Road and the residents were very friendly. Two of them were artists and were very encouraging. I've painted this view before and I like the chance to do the coastal colors instead of the inland colors.

The festival was cancelled , then rescheduled. I think because of this there was some confusion and fewer art bidders. I hope the festival successfully raised money for art education this year. I saw some bidders behaving badly and suffering bidding remorse. (crossing out bids that had been up all day in the silent auction at the last minute...ouch.....)I think the extra paintings we were allowed to display on Sunday was a good idea. I liked the challenge of getting four done in two days, the deadline has a way of making me focus.

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago to report on this festival. If you want to compare paintings and experiences the first entry is here http://robinpurcellpaints.blogspot.com/2007/05/blog-post.html
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