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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some thoughts on framing plein air watercolors

Lately I have been framing about  half my works without a mat, in Plein Air Style frames, with museum glass or plexi for glazing.
I think this works because my paintings are fairly saturated in value and don't have a lot of white paper.
 I do this frequently when I am exhibiting with mostly oil painters in exhibits or galleries. I don't know if this will be acceptable to watercolor societies as well,  I  will let you know what I find out!
The photographs are not as good as they could be, I originally took them for my own records and not for publication.
 Here are a few of my recently framed paintings:

Mission San Jose Morning 11 1/2 x 13 1/2. At the California Art Club "Along El Camino Real " Exhibit.
The photo dosen't show it but the frame is dark  red that shows off the painting well.

"Windswept" 14 x 14 At the Fairmont Gallery, Sonoma

Hill and VInes 12 x 12, At the Fairmont Gallery ,Sonoma (Sorry about the glare)

"On a Clear Day" 12 x 12 At my wonderful framers: FastFrame of Lafayette

Fresh Greens 18 x 24 , on it's way to the American Impressionist Society Exhibit
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